LEHI, Utah — JobNimbus and Village Book Builders are teaming up with the mission of ending child poverty in Africa through reading and mentorship. During this pilot program, JobNimbus employees will virtually mentor students at Village Book Builders’ library in Kabale, Uganda.

JobNimbus is committing participation from 80 employees over a two-month period. Each participating employee will have the opportunity to meet virtually with a New High Tech student and teach a lesson designed by Village Book Builders focused upon reading comprehension.

“One of our company values is proactive learning, and not only do we get a chance help these students learn more about literacy and general education and what it's like living in the United States, but we also get to have the opportunity to act as a mentor,” said Jared Olsen, vice president of people experience at JobNimbus. “We love the concept of the hero's journey and that every hero has a mentor; the opportunity for us to step in and be that really resonated with JobNimbus and with the JForce.”

This partnership brings Village Book Builders one step closer to bridging the education gap in low-income countries. Schools in the developing world have a ratio of roughly 75 students per every teacher, and students receive essentially no individual attention. Lack of attention increases student drop out rates; and for every year a student stays in school, it increases their lifetime earning potential by 10%. When students drop out early, it results in limited future earnings and the inability to financially support their families. The cycle of poverty perpetuates.

With the support of companies like JobNimbus, Village Book Builders constructs libraries in developing nations, supplying them with books and computers that support student education. Their mentor programs provide opportunities for adults to mentor disadvantaged students, increasing the use of educational resources and providing long-term support to students.

“Meeting with the kids has brought more joy than I ever imagined. I love getting to know them, and I am learning so much from them. I am so inspired by them,” said Ivy Gray, JobNimbus support escalations specialist.

Through such partnerships as this one, Village Book Builders can also provide continuous on-the-ground support to these libraries so that students stay motivated and can earn a quality education.