CINCINNATI — KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools (SENCO) has introduced two new metal connector nailers designed to fully and consistently sink nails in today’s toughest substrates.

The JN91H1 and JN91H2 pneumatic metal connector nailers, which are used for fastening pre-punched metal structural connectors like joist hangers, seismic/hurricane straps and rafter ties, deliver 5% more power than competing nailers and previous-generation tools. The increased power boosts consistency when driving nails into dense engineered lumber, like LVL and OSB.

“Like all SENCO innovations, we relied on insights from daily users in the field, whose existing nailers excelled in sawn lumber but occasionally left nails proud in engineered lumber, requiring them to finish the job with a hammer,” said Ryan Schuler, product manager for SENCO’s pneumatic construction tools. “The JN91H1 and JN91H2 incorporate heavier duty components and pack increased power to sink nails fully in any material, with every shot.”

Both of the new tools shoot 1.5-inch nails ranging from .131 to .148 inches in diameter. The JN91H1’s magazine holds a single rack of 34-degree paper tape-collated nails, offering users a lightweight tool with high degree of maneuverability. The JN91H2 has an extended magazine that can accommodate two racks of nails, allowing users to maintain higher production rates with fewer reloads.

Other features include:

  • A nosepiece design that leaves nail points exposed for accurate placement in pre-punched hardware.
  • A redesigned, overmolded grip that increases comfort and control while reducing slipping.
  • An adjustable exhaust port that directs blowback away from the user.
  • A rugged belt/rafter hook made from heavy-duty steel.
  • A lockout that prevents dry firing and signals the user when it is time to reload.

Each nailer comes with tool oil, safety glasses, an air plug and a five-year limited warranty. SENCO metal connector nailers that shoot 2.5-inch nails are due later this year.

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