For some roofing contractors, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty that followed created an opportunity. Those like Sam Stilley, who worked through the pause in production forced by health and safety concerns, also had a chance to reflect on what systems and processes worked best and what would be needed to spur future success.

The CEO of Houston-based Amstill Roofing has always pushed the importance of incorporating new technology to improve operations and the overall customer experience. He discovered HOVER and found a tool that not only helped him navigate a new sales environment, but also tackles lingering supply issues and enhanced customer expectations. 

“We really just dove into adopting this technologically-advanced sales system so that we could have ease of selling in the home, as well as readily-available measurements almost for every property that there is,” Stilley said. “It was exciting to see programmers really build out HOVER and to give them ideas, the way we felt it could be best utilized in the home.” 

Building detailed digital reports for customers within 45 minutes of the appointment time made a measurable difference is close-rates and overall customer satisfaction, he added. 

“Having that type of ability to present that type of value allows a high-quality sales representative to close at a higher rate and not have to worry about follow up,” Stilley said. “Using technology like that really allowed us to change the way we sell and improve our one-stop closes.”

Hear more about how the Amstill Roofing team leveraged HOVER’s features to grow in this exclusive video chat with Roofing Contractor.