ATLANTA and WASHINGTON, D.C. — In recent years, a skilled talent shortage has plagued the construction industry. Some organizations suggest the deficit has become a crisis, especially given the coming infusion of federal infrastructure funds and the growing need for workers.

To help individuals of all backgrounds benefit from these opportunities and prepare the industry to meet increased demands, the SkillPointe Foundation and Building Talent Foundation (BTF) have partnered to help develop, place, and support skilled construction industry workers. BTF is a nonprofit organization founded by a consortium of major U.S. homebuilders and tasked with building a sustainable workforce.

“Since BTF provides job seekers with career coaching and job placement expertise, we saw a terrific opportunity to collaborate and help our SkillPointe Scholarship recipients take their next steps after earning their certifications: finding jobs and succeeding,” said Alvin Townley, executive director of the SkillPointe Foundation.

Under this new partnership, BTF will provide career coaching and job placement services at no cost to SkillPointe Scholarship recipients seeking residential construction industry jobs, and SkillPointe Foundation will help BTF build a pipeline of qualified homebuilding talent. The SkillPointe Foundation partners with organizations like The Home Depot Foundation to provide financial aid to individuals of all backgrounds seeking skills training for careers not requiring a four-year degree.

“The construction industry has difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled workers,” said Branka Minic, CEO of BTF. “With the help of BTF’s Engagement Managers, who function as career coaches and placement specialists, SkillPointe Scholarship recipients will be able to enter good jobs well-prepared and have the support they need to thrive.”

Together, the two organizations aim to secure access to opportunities, increase income mobility for workers, especially those from diverse backgrounds, and help ensure the country’s builders can access the skilled talent they need for continued growth.

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