GRAYSLAKE, Ill. — Sheet Metal Supply Ltd., a leading fabricator/supplier of custom perimeter edge systems, introduces the MegaLock 2 Radius System for curved perimeter edges. MegaLock 2, the company’s most popular ES-1 rated perimeter edge system because of its ease of installation, is now available custom fabricated and curved to almost any radius, concave or convex.

MegaLock 2 Radius System is available in half-inch increments from 3- to 10-inch nailer down sizes. The base component is fabricated from 20-gauge G-90 galvanized steel and can be custom pre-punched to any specific project requirement. The face material is available in 28 PVDF colors in 24-gauge and 22-gauge G-90 galvanized steel or .032-inch and .040-inch aluminum. Nationwide shipping is available, typically two to three days ARO.

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