Roofing Contractor gets an in-depth review by Dr. Gensini. Dr. Gensini has a PhD from the University of Georgia and holds the 'CCM' (certified consulting meteorologist) rank from the American Meteorological Society, one of only a few hundred in the world. Dr. G has consulted in the past for insurance and re-insurance companies looking to minimize the threat of hail and wind on their respective portfolios. In today’s video, Dr. G discusses last week’s more significant weather. Some of the more notable weather includes a record-setting 6.4-inch hailstone that fell in Hondo, Texas on April 28. Besides the new record, last week was a below-average week with Extreme Weather Insights at a score of 3. Most of the activity was in the center part of the country. Watch the video to hear Dr. G describe unprecedented low-hail weather reports from across the U.S. and more.

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