COLUMBIA, Md. — Leap has launched a new version of its award-winning application, featuring a new, dynamic interface that lets home services professionals eliminate archaic and time-consuming paper-based transactions and embrace a fully digital contractor-customer experience.

Leap is helping transform the traditional home services industry by digitizing every stage of the sales process, including measuring, estimating, financing and contracting, supported by real-time homeowner communication, inventory look-up, pricing, contact management and more.

“The home improvement industry has followed the same manual transaction processes for decades,” said Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap. “But homeowners — encouraged even more during the pandemic — are demanding quick, transparent digital experiences. Contractors using Leap can decrease the time it takes to gather customer data and provide an accurate services and materials quote, complete with customizations. They can also easily set up customers in their CRM or query supplier inventory due to the built-in integrations.”

The new version of Leap is available now, is backward compatible with earlier versions and features:

  • A new, modern user interface. It looks cleaner, is easier to navigate, more intuitive and boasts new functionality making it easy for teams to sell services and products.
  • A focus on active customers. A new customer tab allows users to separate customers from estimates, putting the active customer first. A “today’s customers” feature automatically connects with a CRM, calendar or other integration, making it simple to add customer data and notes.
  • Automatic estimates. Just tap on an appointment and instantly generate an estimate.
  • Improved workflow for “custom products.” Add sections for custom products, name them and add line items without needing to reference a price guide.
  • Easier access to commonly used products and services. Name, save, organize and add commonly used products and services to create estimates quickly. Create custom packages to help homeowners understand options or upsell for better revenue.
  • Custom pricing offers on the fly. Easily create custom product and service packages that tally up the cost as you go. Add upcharges or other fees to complete the quote.
  • Lightning-fast search. Quickly search on customer name, named estimate, address, phone number or email address, and the results are instant.
  • Finance transparency. Quickly see lender fees and the lender application to provide financial information to homeowners.

Research from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies indicates that American homeowners spent nearly $340 billion on home improvements and repairs in 2020. This is a 3.5% increase from 2019 and is expected to grow to $352 billion in 2021. Common homeowner complaints such as the length of time to get estimates, uncertainty about project pricing and materials shortage can all be addressed through Leap, giving contractors an edge over competitors and ensuring homeowner confidence in the process. 

“Digitizing the entire process of measuring, quoting, and delivering estimates to customers not only improves safety and efficiency for home services professionals, but also decreases project turn-around time,” said Fingles. “Our platform’s simplified, interactive interface and added features will allow home services professionals to make real-time, dynamic changes to estimates and contracts and further their abilities to provide unparalleled service to their customers.”

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