There is a lot more to estimating than measuring a rooftop or learning local building codes. Anyone serious about starting their career as an estimator or looking to grow their skills should check out Cotney Attorneys & Consultants’ Roofing Estimating Training Program. The training program offers an easy-to-follow format that takes you step by step through every critical aspect of estimating.

This program was developed in conjunction with subject matter from professional experts whose primary role is to oversee and manage all aspects of estimating a roofing project. This multi-step process provides training and recognition for the industry workforce. The estimator training course offers nine modules covering everything from roofing skills and processes to materials, essential math, code requirements, bidding and more. After each module, participants will take a short quiz, then finish the course with a multiple-choice test. 

Learn the essential functions of a roofing estimator, including estimating labor, materials, accessories, and time, and the various building codes and roof designs. You will also learn how to coordinate with clients, project managers, engineers, and architects. Need to hone your organizational skills? The course offers you great tips to help you plan and organize. The estimating training program will help you improve your estimating skills, which will prepare you for any construction project.

“With the Roofing Estimating Training Program, you put yourself on a career path to becoming a certified professional roofing estimator. Becoming a successful estimator can take years and after taking this course, you can build your expertise, and eventually become a senior estimator, then a director of estimating to lead your team,” says John Kenney, COO of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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