For every story about an unscrupulous roofing contractor scamming people, there are a dozen other stories of roofing contractors helping their communities and improving the industry's reputation.

Below are just a few of the stories that popped up in May of roofing contractors doing what they do best: helping others stay safe and dry.

South Carolina Veteran Receives New Roof from Monarch Roofing

Monarch Roofing came to the rescue of a veteran from Grand Strand, S.C., who was the victim of an unethical roofing contractor.

NBC-affiliated WMBF reports Monarch Roofing chose Navy veteran Mark Barker as the latest recipient of its “Roofs for Troops” campaign, which provides roofs to veterans at no cost. Barker served in the Navy from 1969 to 1973, which included multiple tours in Vietnam, and is an active member of the VA and the Myrtle Beach Vet Center.

Monarch said Barker and his wife received a roof from a roofer who “took their money and left them with a poorly installed roofing system” that leaked and caused other problems for the couple. They couldn’t afford to replace the roof, so Monarch stepped in to help.

“You don’t know how good it feels,” Barker told WMBF. “Unless you say, maybe, hit the lottery. To me, that’s the lottery.”

Reiter Roofing, 1st Coast Metal Roofing Help 90-Year-Old Veteran with Leaky Roof

The St. Augustine Record shared the story of Army veteran Paul Bass, 90, and his wife, Dolores, who were living under a damaged roof until local volunteers and roofing companies stepped in to help.

"We're on social security ... and I can't afford to put a roof on this house," Bass said.

The Veterans Council of St. Johns County in Florida heard of the Bass' situation and connected him with Reiter Roofing and 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply. Reiter Roofing donated the labor while 1st Coast donated the materials. The estimated value of the work was $13,500, with the roof expected to be finished as of the end of May.

Employee at Indiana Hospital Gifted New Roof  

There’s no doubt that frontline workers have gone through an incredibly tough time due to the pandemic, and A&M Home Services is making sure one deserving worker is protected at home.

According to CBS/Fox-affiliated WSBT, Diane Guzicki showed up for work at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Ind., on May 11 like any other day. But she was in for a surprise when A&M Home Services presented her with a free roof. WSBT points out Guzicki recently earned a “COVID hero award” for ensuring every patient has a sanitized room.

“She’s in here giving her all at work and we can take care of that stress for her at her house that is a critical area she needed to get done,” A&M Owner Michael Alexander told WSBT.

The free roof will be installed this summer. A&M said it plans on continuing to offer free roofs to people they believe deserve a break and a thank you.

Pinnacle Roofing Gives New York Navy Veteran a Free Roof

A Navy veteran who cares for her elderly mother no longer has to worry about the roof over their heads thanks to the efforts of Pinnacle Roofing.

ABC-affiliated WTEN was on hand as Pinnacle Roofing installed the new roof free of charge for Navy veteran Leslie Carroll. She served in the Navy for two years, stationed in Australia, Guam and Bermuda. She said her roof had multiple leaks that previous repair jobs didn’t resolve.

“You just can’t imagine how happy I am today, and really how grateful,” Carroll told WTEN.

Dan Jordan, director of safety and quality control for Pinnacle Roofing, explained that it was a worthwhile project despite the rising costs of supplies like plywood. The project was made possible by the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project, which helps provide roofs to veterans across the nation.

“Leslie is so appreciative and thankful, and it’s wonderful to be able to see a smile on her face after her having a rough time with a leaky roof,” Jordan said.

Wisconsin Marine Veteran Receives New Roof from Security-Luebke Roofing

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran in Wisconsin received a new roof in thanks for his service through the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project and Security-Luebke Roofing.

According to CBS-affiliated WFRV-TV, a radio station promotion through 105.7 WAPL and Purple Heart Homes helped connect veteran Scott Theisen with the Roof Deployment Project. The build began at 8 a.m. on May 27 and concluded around 2 p.m. the same day.

“For a retired military veteran and the service they provided us as a country, we take great pride in being able to do this for him and for his family. It’s something our company and our employees look forward to doing every year and it’s something we hope to continue doing year in and year out going forward,” Todd Murphy, vice president of Security-Luebke Roofing, told WFRV-TV.

Habitat for Humanity, Best Choice Roofing Help Retired Kentucky Veteran

In Hopkins County, Ky., crews came together to help build a new home for retired Air Force veteran Jermonte Rushing, including Best Choice Roofing.

Best Choice Roofing General Manager Brandy Cook told NBC-affiliated WFIE that they were roofing a new home for Rushing with the help of the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project and Habitat for Humanity.

“The sacrifice that not only Mr. Rushing made but also his family made while he was deployed and on active duty, that’s a huge sacrifice,” Cook said. “The support that they gave to our country, that’s big. And for us to be able to give back to them, helping them with a roof, that’s awesome.”

New Jersey Nurse Given Free Roof as Thank You for Service

Three organizations in New Jersey teamed up to thank two nurses for their hard work during the pandemic by giving them a free roof.

According to Patch, Rebuilding Together North Jersey (RTNJ), along with GAF and Carpenter's Touch Construction formed the “Roofs for Heroes” project to give back to those who helped during the pandemic. Nurses Jacqueline and Michael Silva-Netto recently received a roof from the project, much deserved after juggling work schedules to raise their children.

"Giving us the opportunity to protect our family and reinforce our home for the years to come means so much to us," Michael told Patch.

GAF and RTNJ aim for this to be the first in a number of projects as they look to expand the Roofs for Heroes program.

Kulp Roofing and Construction, Petrali Roofing Holding Roof Giveaways

Two roofing companies opened up the submission periods for their respective roof giveaway contests to give back to their communities.

Kulp Roofing and Construction, which operates in Pennsylvania, is holding its “Kulp Gives Back” contest to provide a free roof to one deserving family. Residents can nominate a family in need from April 19 to May 31, with a winner selected June 14.

Meanwhile, Petrali Roofing in Colorado Springs, Colo., is holding its second annual “Hearts and Hammers Roof Giveaway,” helping a family in need with a new roof free of charge. Submissions are accepted from May 10-21.