DOYLESTOWN, Pa. — Horse Power Brands, a newly formed owner and operator of service-based franchise systems, is on a positive trajectory with the recent acquisition and impressive early growth of its first portfolio brand: Mighty Dog Roofing.

Just six months into the investment, the company has awarded 40-plus locations to its first 13 Mighty Dog Roofing franchisees across 10 states, and is on track to sign a total of 50 franchise locations by the end of the first quarter 2021.

Partners Josh Skolnick, Zachery Beutler and Erik Van Horn teamed up last year to form Horse Power Brands with a goal to improve the franchisor-franchisee experience and ROI in the service-based franchise sector. The trio, who crossed paths over their years in franchising together, plan to become the industry's next major service-based conglomerate with a clear differentiator — active involvement in the operations and franchisee support of its portfolio brands. Horse Power is laser-focused on ROI by delivering systems, service and support, so franchisees can focus on sales and production to maximize monetization.  

"The standard practice in our industry has become a race to 100 units sold, often without sensible offerings nor a clear vision to actually open all 100 locations. That's not success," Skolnick said. "We are focused on providing atypical efforts and services to ensure we not only sell franchises responsibly, but open them with the tools to ensure the franchisees' growth and longevity. This is what sets us apart and why we'll become a portfolio of service brands with $1 billion-plus in revenue."

Mighty Dog Roofing was an ideal first investment for the group. Due to the housing boom that occurred in the early 2000s, many homeowners today are having to do their first roof replacements. In addition, recent winter storms in the South and across the country have wreaked havoc on homes, further driving demand to not only repair those damages, but install better roofing systems to prepare for the future.

Mighty Dog Roofing specializes in commercial and residential roofing, gutters, siding, windows, skylights and storm damage. Founded in 2012 by construction industry real estate expert Jon Sabo, a former U.S. Marine who remains involved in the business, Mighty Dog Roofing prides itself on leading with integrity, finding innovative ways such as drone technology to exceed the expectations of its clients. The company has longstanding partnerships with the nation's top product manufacturers, providing customers with the best warranties.

Utilizing vetted sub-contractors to conduct the work, franchisees have low overhead and are provided with technology and support that keeps operations seamless and simple. Mighty Dog Roofing is seeking single- and multi-unit franchisees across the country, focusing on Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Indiana, North and South Carolina. According to Beutler, ideal franchisees are "operations-based thinkers, those with management experience and who are optimistic." The initial investment to open a Mighty Dog Roofing franchise ranges between $200,000 and $300,000, he said.

Sharing a goal to see franchisees open and grow successful businesses, Skolnick, Beutler and Van Horn said the formation of Horse Power Brands is the high point of their respective franchising careers.

"After awarding franchises, we have the means and experience to actually get the locations open quickly," Van Horn said. "Seeing the franchisees open successful is extremely gratifying. Each of us have had years of experience as franchisees, franchisors, developers and consultants. We are where private equity meets operational excellence."