NEW ORLEANS — A new book published by Levelset and authored by Thea Dudley, a 30-year construction industry insider, is now available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format. Her debut book, "The Credit Overlord's Guide to Credit & Collections," is a hard-hitting and entertaining guide to "dealing with cranky customers, bad bosses, and snarky sales reps as a credit professional in the construction industry." 

Credit and sales are both critical to a construction company's success, but only one wins the spotlight. Often chastised as "sales blockers," the credit department gets a bad rap — one that it definitely doesn't deserve. In the book, Dudley shares her passion, enthusiasm, and deep knowledge of the industry to help demystify the credit department. At times brutally honest, always compassionate, and with a healthy dose of humor, Dudley expertly breaks down the skills, tools, and resources any construction business can use in a step-by-step process to reduce financial risk, build lasting relationships and get paid.

"It took me two decades of hard lessons to learn what Thea explains expertly in this book: Credit and sales are symbiotic. One can't exist without the other," said Pete Kochis, the sales manager at Frensco Building Products. "I wish this book was around when I kicked off my career."

Dudley is a credit management veteran in the building materials and construction industry. From her early days working for her father's subcontracting business, she quickly moved into the power seat of the business: granting credit and collecting the money. Dudley has spent her career working across the credit departments of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, contractors and subcontractors to help to improve business processes and cash flow for both the company and the customer. Formerly vice president of finance at two major material distributors, she has trained hundreds of credit managers, sales reps and presidents to use the credit department as a profit generation tool. 

"Thea weaves her vast experience into humorous, instructive stories full of excellent advice," said David Love, a senior executive with a private equity firm. "This book should be a mandatory read for credit functions, as well as sales functions, for organizations of all sizes!"

"The Credit Overlord's Guide to Credit & Collections" was edited and published by Levelset, a construction software company that helps contractors and suppliers manage the complex and often unfair flow of construction payments. Dudley recently partnered with Levelset to teach an online course on credit and collections in Levelset's Payment Academy. She is also a member of Levelset's Credit Management Advisory Board.