CANTON, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment is launching its new free online spray foam training, titled Introduction to Insulation Spray Foam. The free training is a first step for new foamers or new business owners looking to understand the basics of spray foam.

The new online training includes the following features:

  • One-step registration and saved steps to allow students to return when it’s convenient
  • A new graphic, rich environment that works quickly and makes learning clear and concise
  • Automatic certificate of completion with a successful score of 80% or above

“Our online training offers a free first-step for those interested in starting a spray foam business,” said Dave Penta, vice president of sales and lead trainer, SprayWorks Equipment Group. “Once complete, we offer hands-on Spray Foam School which is free with purchase of a machine or rig.”

For more information about SprayWorks Equipment, visit, SprayWorks' YouTube page or call 330-587-4141.