Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. manufactures a wide array of high-quality roofing products that can be mixed and matched to create custom-designed commercial roofing systems suitable for virtually any application. To maximize the success of projects, Polyglass works closely with contractors to provide comprehensive project design and support services. From the unparalleled versatility of Polyglass products to the outstanding customer support infrastructure, it’s easy to see that Polyglass is committed to excellence. 

Flexible, Custom-Designed Roof System Configurations

From self-adhered membranes to energy efficient liquid roof coatings, Polyglass products can accommodate a wide range of roof types, surfaces, climates, and weather conditions.  These products are fully interchangeable and may be used in many different configurations to create a custom-designed multi-ply roofing system ideally suited to specific project requirements. All our roofing products are fully tested and rated to provide superior protection and proven performance. 

Outstanding Project Design & Support Services

To help contractors choose the best components and install them for best results, Polyglass also offers extensive project support. We have a team of experts available to keep an open line of communication throughout your project, providing additional support and answering questions from concept to completion. These project support services include:

  • Roof design analysis, to help you select the best roofing components for your project; 
  • Technical services and pre-budget assistance, to help manage budget expectations and provide technical support as needed; and
  • Progress inspections and technical support, to ensure proper installation for maximum performance. 

In addition to the flexible systems and project support services offered for Polyglass roofing systems, our customers enjoy greater peace of mind with industry-leading warranty protection and a three-tiered Registered Contractor Program that provides contractors with extra support and access to valuable resources.

Visit polyglass.us/commercial-systems to learn more about flexible and customizable commercial roofing systems by Polyglass.