Roofing contractors faced major business challenges in 2020, and many were put to the test. With so much economic uncertainty and questions about health and safety in the workplace remaining, now may not seem like the time to flex your entrepreneurial muscles. Not so, says author, CEO and business coach Sue Hawkes, who works with roofing contractors through the Owens Corning Contractor Network. Part of her work included working with roofers on implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

“We’re going into another disruptive year,” she explained. “There’s so many variables changing in 2021 … but the system helps you focus on where you need to put your attention and solve the right things first.”

Feb. 13-20 is National Entrepreneurship Week, which celebrates entrepreneurial businesses across the country – including the roofing community. RC recently caught up with Hakes and Jon Gardner, national training leader at Owens Corning, to check the pulse of the entrepreneurial spirit in the roofing industry.