The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) is pleased to recommend attending seminar 86, “Use of Reflective Technology in Buildings” that will be presented at the 2021 ASHRAE virtual Winter Conference Feb. 9-11.

The seminar was organized by David Yarbrough of R&D Services Inc., with William Miller, University of Tennessee, and Som Shrestha, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, participating. The seminar was proposed through ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.4 - Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance. The seminar consists of three technical presentations that cover the use, evaluation and benefits of reflective insulation, radiant barriers and low-emittance coatings. A comprehensive view of computer modeling of attic radiant barrier thermal performance will be an important part of the seminar along with recent research activity in the area of reflective technology.

The two-hour seminar will include three presentations:

  • Overview of Reflective Insulation Technology –  David Yarbrough, Ph.D., P.E., ASHRAE Member
  • Computer Simulation of Attic Radiant Barrier Performance – William Miller, Ph.D., P.E., ASHRAE Member
  • Evaluation of Radiant Barriers and Low-Emittance Coatings – Som Shrestha, Ph.D., BEMP, ASHRAE Member

RIMA-I supports and recommends this event. For more information on the ASHRAE Winter Conference, including program schedules and registration, visit