MALVERN, Pa. — Reflecting a strong commitment to research and development, CertainTeed has launched its new Landmark® ClimateFlex® algae-resistant (AR) shingles. This new product improves upon CertainTeed’s most popular and colorful shingle line with the latest advances in polymer science, offering enhanced granule adhesion, hail resistance, and cold-weather flexibility. Over the course of 2021, CertainTeed will introduce ClimateFlex technology to other existing asphalt shingle lines.

In addition to the impact resistance and cold-weather resiliency improvements of ClimateFlex, CertainTeed will begin introducing its improved NailTrak® feature to many of its most popular shingle lines. NailTrak provides a nailing area three-times wider than standard laminate shingles and clear nailing lines that are highly visible even in low-light conditions, allowing faster and more accurate installations. CertainTeed’s NailTrak technology now includes, Quadra-Bond™, a specially formulated adhesive that adheres shingle layers at four points — more than any other manufacturer — providing superior bond strength and protection against shingle delamination over the life of the shingle.

These new features will join CertainTeed’s growing list of technologies to improve the strength, longevity, and energy efficiency of asphalt shingles. These include StreakFighter® — a copper-infused granule blend that prevents algae formation on shingles; and Solaris® — embedded cool roof technology that enables even the darkest-colored shingles to reflect solar energy and radiant heat far better than any standard asphalt shingle, dramatically lowering rooftop temperatures and related air conditioning costs.

According to Alex Pecora, director of product management, residential roofing at CertainTeed, the new ClimateFlex line and NailTrak enhancements reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to add value and additional protective features to its existing products.

“Research and development is one of CertainTeed’s core values, so we’re always working to improve our products,” said Pecora. “Modern homeowners are moving less frequently and expect their homes to do more than ever, so we want contractors who use our products to be able to deliver solutions that will stand the test of time. We believe these product improvements will give contractors an edge while ultimately improving comfort, protection, and peace of mind for homeowners.”

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