CANTON, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment Group is expanding its service and support offerings. Previously, SprayWorks offered phone support and repairs for Graco and PMC; reactors, pumps, sprayers, and hoses — as well as IPM pumps and Gusmer proportioners. SprayWorks now expands their phone support and repairs to include; Graco and Titan paint sprayers with a fast turnaround.

Customers located in Canton, Cleveland, Toledo and other Northeast Ohio surrounding areas, can now drop off or mail in their paint sprayers to be repaired without having to travel long distances or wait several weeks for their equipment to be ready. SprayWorks urges customers to call first to help identify the issue and potentially resolve the issue over the phone or by mailing replacement parts.

"Offering maintenance for paint sprayers is the perfect transition for our customers," said Jeremy Davidson, head of production. "Many of which already have used paint sprayers in their everyday work alongside their spray foam equipment."