YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Sam Boak, president and founder of Boak & Sons Inc., started the business back in 1974 with his father. Since then, he's had many employees who have worked for him for decades at a time. Two of those employees, Regina Fisher and Sam Febo, have announced their retirement this year.

Febo worked for 10 years in the commercial roofing department at Boak & Sons Inc. He was a member of the Union Local #71 and specialized in installation and repairs of flat roofing materials.

"Sam was an incredible team member," said Chris White, vice president of operations at Boak & Sons Inc. "We're so happy that he's able to finally relax and enjoy his retirement with his family, but he will be greatly missed. We wish him the absolute best."

Fisher is also retiring this year after spending several years as the insulation department administrator. Fisher retired the first time from Boak & Sons in the early 2000s, but Boak missed her so much that he convinced her to come back in 2013. This year, Fisher decided to retire for good.

"Reggie was one of the hardest spots to fill here at Boak & Sons," said Boak. "So hard, in fact, that we begged her to come back! We can't thank her enough for all she's done for the company. We're proud of her accomplishments and hope she spends every day of retirement doing what she loves most, which is spending time with her family."

Boak & Sons has over 165 employees, and many of them have been working in the field or the office for multiple years; some even decades. Boak says the secret to a career at Boak & Sons is being treated like family.

"We treat our employees as our own family here," said Boak. "That's the reason people stay. They are appreciated, valued, respected and loved. We all support each other. It's always hard to see employees retire and leave the company, but they will always be members of the Boak family."