YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — To keep up with its continued growth and better serve customers throughout Youngstown, Cleveland, Akron-Canton, Cranberry, and surrounding areas, Boak and Sons announced it has focused on hiring new talent in all areas of the business.

Over the past two years, Owner Sam Boak has created several new job positions at Boak and Sons. These include jobs in project management, project estimation, accounting, human resources, and digital marketing.

"We treat employees like family. We spend a lot of time together so we see the hard days and the good days and share those moments with each other," says Sam Boak. "I would have never believed, 40 some years ago, that we would be at the place we are today and the reason for that has been hiring really great, knowledgeable people in the industry. In addition, I'm proud to be able to use my company to create new jobs in our area. Oftentimes, our young people are forced to leave Youngstown to find work. Giving individuals the opportunity to stay close to home and work in the area they were raised is a great feeling."

One of the new positions recently filled at Boak and Sons was digital marketing manager. To fund the new marketing position, Boak moved money from traditional advertising methods to a digital marketing budget.

"I am always learning something new and challenging myself through my position at Boak and Sons," Kellie Daley, digital marketing manager. "It has been so exciting to help Boak and Sons develop a modern digital marketing strategy."

Dailey focuses on social media campaign strategies and digital advertisements.

Separate from the on-site work crews of skilled laborers, Boak and Sons currently has 28 office employees providing infrastructure support. Some of the current staff members have been working for Sam Boak for nearly 30 years.

"Boak and Sons is positioning itself for the next generation of leaders within the company," Sam Boak said the recent hires. "I see the future of Boak and Sons here."