PIQUA, Ohio — Ohio-based metal roofing manufacturer Isaiah Industries is asking voters which presidential candidate is most likely to help Americans get or keep a roof over their heads for the next four years through an online poll.

Isaiah Industries is quick to note that the poll is unscientific, but claims it is becoming one of the most trusted and sought-after polls online.

“Past presidential candidates with high-end roofs such as Thomas Jefferson have done well in their campaigns,” said CEO Todd Miller. “He notoriously spent 40 years designing and building his gorgeous hilltop home, Monticello, with a show-stopping, one-of-a kind metal roof.”

As of Oct. 14, President Trump leads former Vice President Joe Biden in the Isaiah Industries poll, which runs in complete opposition to most national surveys. Miller doesn’t attribute these results to the left or right leaning participants, saying he believes most Americans choose leaders whom they aspire to live like.

“A candidate’s home often reflects the affluence and overall mindset of the homeowner,” said Miller.

Biden and his vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, both have asphalt shingles, which make up approximately 80% of the roofing market today. In direct contrast, Trump protected the White House with a strong, American-made metal roof, as well as his personal residences like Mar-a-Lago with other high-end roofing materials like tile and slate. This is in line with Trump's reputation as a wealthy businessman.

Miller says Vice President Mike Pence differs from the rest of the candidates because he doesn’t technically own a roof — or a home —- right now. Number One Observatory Circle, where the vice president lives (and Biden lived a few years ago), has an old-line slate and copper roof, which fits the rock-solid and unassuming office perfectly.

“Each candidate could benefit from an upgraded, long-lasting, rich-hued, metal roof,” said Miller. “It’s classic enough to last for years to come, while still topping the charts for roofing trends now and into 2021.”

To participate in the online poll, visit www.isaiahindustries.com/presidential-poll.