SAN FRANCISCO — GAF Energy and Sunnova Energy International Inc., a leading U.S. residential solar and storage service provider, today announced a strategic partnership to provide homeowners with GAF Energy’s DecoTech 2.0 solar roofing system together with Sunnova’s solar service offerings.

The partnership leverages both companies’ reach in the new home and reroof markets and exemplifies the growing convergence between roofing and solar.

“I’m excited to be working with Sunnova to expand solar roofing choices for homeowners across the country,” said Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy “This partnership represents a coming together of two complementary powerhouse companies. As our industry continues to grow, this partnership will enable us to optimally monetize opportunities with solar roof products and financing.”

John Santo Salvo, executive vice president of channel operations and chief procurement officer at Sunnova, called the partnership a "win-win-win" for Sunnova, GAF Energy and homeowners looking for ways to power their homes with clean energy and a new roof.

“GAF Energy’s excellent solar roofing option, paired with Sunnova’s world-class solar service offerings, will provide increased opportunities for homeowners to go solar, furthering our mission to help power energy independence," said Salvo.

GAF Energy introduced the updated DecoTech 2.0 earlier this year. The system delivers homeowner value and gives installers a fast, easy, and durable roof-integrated solar solution for customers. The partnership expands homeowner access to best-in-class solar roofing, paired with Sunnova’s world-class solar service offerings through its network of high-quality, regional dealers and installers.