Alpha Omega Construction Group Inc., one of the most respected roofing contractors in the Southeast, is the first roofing company in North Carolina to offer GAF Energy’s roof-integrated solar systems for homeowners. Alpha Omega customers can now install an energy-generating solar roof and decrease their reliance on utility power. 

Solar roofing systems are well-known to generate energy and help reduce monthly electric bills. With a GAF Energy solar roof installed by Alpha Omega, residents throughout the Southeast can take advantage of the region’s fast-growing solar trend with a warranty that is backed by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.

“Alpha Omega puts the homeowner first with a best-in-class roof installation. With GAF Energy as our partner, there is now a solar roofing system we can recommend that installs easily and provides waterproofing. Simply put, GAF Energy solar is a fantastic product,” said Vice President Mike Al-Hassan. “A solar roof is a key offering in what we can give our customers, and we are glad to offer this to help homeowners reduce their monthly electric bills”

Alpha Omega is family-owned and operated, and provides homeowners, businesses, and home builders with quality work and craftsmanship. Installers are GAF Master Elite, licensed, bonded, and fully insured. 

“Alpha Omega sets the standard for trusted roofing in the Southeast and their move into solar is fantastic news for the region. At GAF Energy, we believe that solar is the future of roofing. We’re proud to be working with the region’s roofing leader to deliver that future,” said Martin DeBono, President at GAF Energy. “Together we can offer the best roof-integrated solar product and provide tremendous value to the homeowner.”

The GAF Energy solar system couples innovative, attractive, and affordable solar technology with fast, easy installation. Designed to provide a good-looking, low-profile alternative to typical rack-mounted solar panels – which are usually drilled through the roof’s shingles – GAF Energy solar integrates directly with the roofing system and requires no penetration of the roofing membrane. GAF Energy uses premium solar panels to optimize power output with a matching color profile to the roof to maximize aesthetic appeal, combined with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter shield to reduce the risk of leaks and animal intrusion.