WERNERSVILLE, Pa. — Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling Inc. is the first roofing company in Southeast Pennsylvania to offer roof-integrated solar from GAF Energy for homeowners. Bachman’s customers can now install an energy-generating solar roof system and decrease their reliance on utility power.

“Solar is the future here in Pennsylvania. With GAF Energy, there’s now a solar roofing system that we’re confident in. GAF has been the leader in roofing for decades, so we trust GAF Energy’s approach to residential solar for our customers — it’s a fantastic product,” said Pete Niven, vice president of Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling. “A solar roof can help pay for an entirely new roof over time by helping reduce homeowners’ monthly electric bills; it’s a choice that makes good economic sense for many customers.”

Solar roofing systems generate energy and help reduce monthly electric bills. With a GAF Energy solar roof installed by Bachman’s, Southeast Pennsylvania residents can take advantage of the state’s fast-growing solar trend that is backed with a warranty by GAF.

“Homeowner demand is on the rise for renewable home and building solutions that can also reduce energy costs,” said Keally DeWitt, vice president at GAF Energy. “And there’s no better time to go solar than when you’re getting a new roof, which is why we’re excited to partner with the excellent team at Bachman’s to be the leading contractor to offer GAF Energy’s solar systems in Southeast Pennsylvania.”

The GAF Energy solar system couples innovative, attractive and affordable solar technology with fast, easy installation. Designed to provide a low-profile alternative to typical rack-mounted solar panels — which are typically drilled through the roof’s shingles — GAF Energy solar integrates directly with the roofing system and requires no penetration of the roofing membrane.

GAF Energy uses premium solar panels to optimize power output with a matching color profile to the roof to maximize aesthetic appeal, combined with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter shield to reduce the risk of leaks and animal intrusion.

Bachman's earned the 64th spot on RC's 2017 Top 100 Roofing Contractors list. Area homeowners interested in the new solar roof can contact Bachman’s at bachmansroofing.com/solar.