The attorney for an Oklahoma roofing contractor charged with multiple counts of fraud proclaimed his client’s innocence, and blamed accusations of theft on delays in the insurance process.

“Chad Davis and Storm Shield Roofing absolutely deny the allegations leveled by the Oklahoma attorney general’s office,” said attorney Rob Henson in an exclusive statement to RC. “Storm Shield Roofing is a legitimate, state licensed roofing company that has been in business for 17 years. The company operates all over the state of Oklahoma. The absolute last thing the company wants to do is defraud its customers.”

In a press release issued last week, authorities accused Davis of taking payments for roofing services that he did not complete. He allegedly took roughly $40,000 from the victims, including senior citizens, the release stated.

Henson said that Davis understands the complaints levied by homeowners with the attorney general’s office, and gets their frustration. But in each instance, Davis said there was a dispute with either the homeowner or their insurance company that led to the delays. Specifically, the disputes included proper insurance coverage and payment for required building code compliance.

“If Storm Shield has to replace a roof, and that roof is not up to the current building code, it must be modernized, as required by Oklahoma state law. This process costs insurers, and sometimes homeowners, more money than they may have originally anticipated,” Henson explained. “Storm Shield is required to comply with state and municipal building codes, and simply cannot perform that work without being paid for it.”

In the press release, authorities also noted the recent cases continued a pattern of behavior that link back to three prior felony charges against Davis in February.

Henson added that Davis continues to fight with insurance companies to cover additional building code expenses, and will fight the criminal charges in court.