ITASCA, Ill. — Werner announces the expansion of its comprehensive fall protection portfolio just in time for Ladder Safety Month.

Designed for professional contractors, these fall protection products include upgraded anchors and drop safety equipment meant to improve workflow, keep job sites OSHA-compliant and enhance overall workplace safety.

“Fall Protection safety doesn’t end with a great personal harness; that’s only the start,” said Eric Miller, director of product management at Werner. “Werner anchors are foundational for professionals who work at height, plus our expanding lineup of drop safety equipment keeps tools safely at hand. Fall protection is a mission that extends well beyond harnesses and lanyards.”

Create Secure Fall Protection Systems with Anchorage Connectors

A well-designed fall protection system is only as strong as its connection to the physical structure itself. Two new anchorage connectors from Werner add more options for working on both wood and metal structures. Both are reusable and rated with a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds.

  • Bull Ring Anchorage Connector: Designed for use on wood structures with a minimum thickness of 3 inches, this zinc-plated steel fall protection anchor is installed with three 1/4-inch by 3-inch zinc-plated steel hex head lag screws or six 16D 3-inch 8-gauge spiral nails.
  • D-Ring Anchorage Connector: Designed for use on metal structures with a minimum thickness of one-quarter inch, the alloy and stainless steel fall protection anchor is installed with a Grade 5 or stronger 3/8-inch 11 steel hex head bolt and nut.

Protect Your Tools, Property and Workers Below

A tool dropped from height is, at best, an inconvenience and, at worst, a costly or even deadly accident. Werner’s new drop safety products help to keep a worker’s most commonly used tools safely tethered to them.

  • Tape Measure Jacket: Designed to fit and attach to most commonly used tape measures and built with no hook and loop closures to get dirty or degrade.
  • Drill Jacket: Attaches to most commonly used power drills and designed to be used with Werner’s 5-pound tool tether.
  • Smartphone Jacket: Now an indispensable tool at most jobsites, smartphones are kept safe and remain functional with this accessory that includes a 1-pound rated retractable tether. Fits smartphones with dimensions up to 3.8-inches by 7.1-inches. Werner’s Smartphone Jacket has a clear, touchscreen-compatible front cover that is perforated for sound and a clear rear cover that allows for camera operation.

Werner’s new fall protection anchors and drop safety equipment are now available online and in stores nationwide. For more information, visit