HOUSTON — Marco Skylights announced a new website and logo that aims to refresh the brand to cater to its niche market. The Houston-based skylight manufacturer launched a more modern, simple and casual look. The company will focus on expanding its production for all roofing suppliers, contractors, and residential customers.

"This new look will help us stand out from the competition in this growing skylight boom we are experiencing and support the aggressive growth plans we have laid out in front of us to enter new markets and attract new customers," Marco Skylights President Katie Clapp said in a statement.

The inspiration behind the artwork is based on its original owner, Marvin Chipman, a Navy Veteran who fought in World War II. His legacy inspired the modern look with patriotic colors and a homage to his Houston Space City roots. Now as a woman's business enterprise, no job is too big or too small, shipping nationwide with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Visit their new website to learn more at marcoskylights.com.