The Sten Step is an all-aluminum, heavy duty safety device eliminating the dangerous 2.5-inch offset on extension ladders. By bridging the offset with a Sten Step, the user does not have to focus on stepping over the change in plane when moving from the lower to the fly section of the ladder.

Weighing only 4.6 pounds and holding two U.S. patents, this revolutionary device makes extension ladders safer and works to eliminate work place accidents. Focus on the next step of your job, not your ladder, when you use a Sten Step.

The Sten Step is the brainchild of Paul Stentiford, a state-certified general contractor in Florida for the past 33 years. His 87-year-old father, also a lifelong general contractor, nearly missed the offset of an extension ladder. Upon realizing the potential danger this posed, Stentiford spent three years brainstorming and developing prototypes to resolve this issue. Thus, the Sten Step was born.

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