Dozens of roofing contractors and industry professionals again did their part to leave the host city of the International Roofing Expo (IRE)
2020 a better place when they arrived for industry’s largest trade show on the continent.

They arrived in Dallas a day before the show, rolled up their sleeves, donned their safety goggles and went to work as part of the 11th annual IRE Community Service Day. As it has for the past decade, Sika Sarnafil stepped forward as the event’s primary sponsor.

"We're very excited at Sika Sarnafil to be acting as the main sponsor for the IRE Community Service Day for our 11th straight year,” said William Bellico, Sika’s director of marketing. “It should be a great event in Dallas this year and it's always one of the most rewarding days for us as a company. We love being involved in an event that brings in people from across the roofing industry to give back those in need in the local community."

Several other companies also contributed to the effort, including Carlisle Construction Materials; CertainTeedCentiMark Innovative Roofing and Flooring Solutions; ICP Building Solutions Group; KPost Roofing & Waterproofing; and OMG Roofing Products.

Event organizers continued their partnership with Rebuilding Together, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to repairing the homes of people in need in communities across the country. The organization establishes local groups to recruit and mobilize volunteers looking to make an immediate impact in their neighborhoods.

Volunteers have helped thousands of people by enhancing the safety, health, pride and overall quality of life for deserving military veterans, seniors, families with young children and people with disabilities.

Members of the North Texas chapter, which opened 17 years ago, helped select the projects for IRE 2020 volunteers to work on. They include the home of Gary and Betty Collins, which was built in 1982. The couple has lived there for the past decade, and sacrificed needed repairs due to financial hardship.

Gary is disabled and receives Social Security benefits. Betty was employed up until last year, but is unable to work while undergoing treatment for
bone cancer.

“This is a big help. A blessing really,” Betty said as volunteers started working on the interior of her home. Two rooms were severely damaged by water that leaked through a deteriorating roof every time it rained.

Crews from KPost’s residential division completely replaced the roof last month, and IRE volunteers began working on replacing the ceiling and sheet rock shortly after arriving.

Volunteers also helped out at the home of Veronica Trevino, which she shares with her son, Jesus. The single mother has worked most of her life, but medical conditions have made it necessary for her to stay home with Jesus, who has disabilities. A team including Nancy and Bill Courpas from AROCON Roofing & Construction in Maryland worked on replacing the siding and roof repairs.

“It feels great to give back to people and there are so many people in need in the places that we go every year,” said Nancy, who handles human resources for the multi-state residential roofing company and volunteered at the past two Community Service Days.

While those teams of volunteers worked in the Pleasant Grove neighborhoods on Dallas’ east side, another group of volunteers were busy with multiple projects at the John Quincy Adams Elementary School.

Last spring, Rebuilding Together helped members of the school staff and active volunteer base start a community garden that’s still going strong. Garett Jones, executive director of the North Texas chapter, said the group returned on Martin Luther King Day to help prepare for the IRE volunteers, who built a storage shed for the gardening tools from scratch. Other projects included a chicken coop, a fountain, and other features for what will be an outdoor classroom. Classes remained in session while the volunteers completed all the work.

“We appreciate the effort here so much,” Jones said. “When we think about how we’re impacting the lives of our students here, each one of them will go home today telling stories about how all these people, strangers, were working on their school.”

Financial donations can still be made upon show registration. All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt for their records. Visit for more information.