Billing itself as a “no pressure roofing contractor,” Absolute Roofing LLC in Nebraska has taken an unprecedented step in the roofing industry. According to its website, the contractor put Duke, its adorable mascot, in charge of handling all insurance claims, attending conferences and coordinating projects with homeowners.

“We’re just kidding! He’s a dog,” the website adds. “He looks cute and loves unconditionally.”

It’s this levity that Absolute Roofing promises to deliver alongside impeccable roofing services, diligent follow-ups and an exhaustive knowledge of the industry. It’s why the company boasts the slogan: “We take our roofing seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously.”

By carving out a niche with a lighthearted approach and a desire to treat smaller jobs with the thoroughness of larger projects, Absolute Roofing is showing how roofing can be done with style and a smile.

Unique Marketing

Absolute Roofing began over 10 years ago when Managing Partner Paul Cain decided to start his own roofing company after working for another roofing company. Since then, his company has aimed to be the best in eastern Nebraska. It’s refused to cut corners along the way, but doesn’t mind cutting a few jokes.

Cam Vacek, the company’s client experience coordinator, is in charge of marketing and social media. Having previously owned a web design company, she took on Absolute Roofing as a client. When she sold her business, the opportunity to work with her former client opened up and she dove into the roofing industry.

A quick glance through the company’s social media and website demonstrates the laid-back atmosphere Absolute Roofing embraces. Its Instagram is home to a slew of silly yet relatable images and videos. The website’s “About” section is full of fun and quirky employee profiles, including Vacek’s brief bio that proclaims she is a “foodie” and “constantly eating.”

Vacek admits that it is tough for roofing companies to stand out from the crowd in a saturated market, which is why Absolute Roofing’s approach is not just a philosophy, it’s a strategy.

“I think being a ‘funny’ roofing company has helped us stand out because homeowners don’t expect
that from contractors,” Vacek said. “We suggest others find their niche in that way.”

But just like its slogan suggests, when it comes to roofing, the company’s website is packed with helpful information for customers. This includes an FAQ as well as a comprehensive blog covering topics like how to check for leaks, understanding the different components of a roof and information on how warranties work.

“We’re extremely approachable and communicate in a conversational way,” Vacek said.

A collection of highly-rated online reviews testify to Absolute Roofing’s unique approach. As of the writing of this profile, the company has a 4.9 and 5.0 rating on Google and Facebook reviews, respectively, with customers praising them for being professional, knowledgeable, and “going above and beyond.”

It’s that personal touch and going above and beyond that Vacek said is key to building customer relationships.

“For instance, when we notice clients who are pregnant, our project managers take note and send them a gift accordingly. Likewise, when there are deaths in the family, we always send flowers,” she said.

Dealing in Due Diligence

For Absolute Roofing, one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is when it can win large projects and supplements with insurance companies, meaning it has helped the customer get the most out of their policy.

The contractor touts its specialization in the inspection and supplementing process, and even has an entire section of its blog dedicated to explain how insurance works in the roofing industry. In one instance, a homeowner the company worked with was approved for a $3,500 roof repair. After methodically inspecting and documenting the damages, Director of Operations Nick Woodward reviewed the claims and found several items missing. A $62,000 approval from the insurance carrier followed.

In another example, Absolute Roofing received a lead where the insurance carrier would only pay for a two-shingle repair, stating there was “zero hail damage.” Instead of passing up such a miniscule project, Absolute Roofing snatched it up and had Project Manager Brandon Kahnk inspect the roof. He discovered multiple instances of hail damage aside from the two shingles. In the end, the insurance carrier agreed to all the damages pointed out by Absolute Roofing and covered a brand new roof and other repairs.

Vacek said the company’s leadership instills this sense of ownership and integrity in all projects. This includes bringing every home up to code regardless of if they receive the go-ahead from insurance companies.

“We think it’s the right thing to do despite if we get approval from insurance or not,” Vacek said. “We would never fraud insurance carriers, which again, is easy to do.”

The company is willing to own any mistakes as well. If a client’s insurance doesn’t cover something, or its workers missed something, Absolute Roofing will cover the cost.

“In roofing, there are snafus, however, we will always try to resolve those quickly and fairly,” Vacek said.

As previously stated, Absolute Roofing wants to be the best, but not necessarily the biggest. As a result of its size and dedication to quality, when hailstorms strike, the company has the “good problem” of becoming so busy that it can’t attend to the needs of customers as quickly as it likes.

“We want to be consistently good, but during a season of abundant work we find it hard,”
Vacek said.

Seriousness in Safety

Part of taking its roofing seriously is keeping up-to-date on safety and training. Absolute Roofing not only regularly attends Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, it also outlines in its agreements with subcontractors that they must follow all safety measures when completing a project.

Project managers frequently show up at industry conferences and take part in the training provided by manufacturers and suppliers like ABC Supply Co. and Eagleview. Regularly scheduled company meetings are held to discuss not just the roles of the project managers and workers, but how each and every role can contribute to helping one another out.

While frequent meetings and training might sound tedious, the workers are receptive thank to the relaxed atmosphere — including perks like company sponsored outings, gifts and lunches.

“The office is really laid back, extremely flexible, and our owners really take care of us,” Vacek said.

By working hard and playing hard, Absolute Roofing continues to grow. For roofing contractors looking to emulate this success, Vacek said her company recommends concentrating on providing excellent work.

“Referrals are the best way to do business, so do quality work, be knowledgeable in all aspects of the roofing industry,” she said.