GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Amber Hamilton, a teacher with Gwinnett County Public Schools, learned a valuable lesson when trying to fix her roof: there are scammers out there, but there are good guys too.

“I don’t mind sharing what happened if it will help someone not to be as foolish as I was,” Hamilton told WSB-TV.

The ABC-affiliated WSB-TV reported that Hamilton paid a man named Eric Lopez, who claimed to be from Renaissance Construction, to fix her roof. After paying him with an $8,000 insurance check, he took her money and never returned.

“I’m a schoolteacher, I work hard for my money, so I was very frustrated, very disgusted,” Hamilton said.

Local police said she is one of many who were scammed by Lopez, who they believe took about $17,000 from victims. Kevin Barrelle, CEO of Barrelle Roofing, said when he learned that Hamilton was one of the victims, he had to lend a hand.

“She’s a schoolteacher, she shouldn’t be worried about when she’s in there teaching if her roof is going to leak,” Barrelle said.

Barrelle Roofing decided to repair her entire roof for free. Detectives investigating the case told Hamilton the good news, and on Thursday, Barrelle Roofing used materials donated by ABC Supply Co. in Winder and finished up the work.

“My roof looks beautiful, it looks like I have a brand-new home,” Hamilton said.

When asked about doing the work, Barrelle simply said, “It’s a blessing to be a blessing.” In a Facebook post, the company added that "It was our pleasure to meet you and make your horrible experience with another roofing company right!"

As of publication, local police were still on the lookout for Lopez.