BELLEVUE, Wash. — Following a 12-day trial, a jury found that Verisk Analytics and its subsidiary, Xactware Solutions, willfully infringed EagleView patents and has awarded $125 million in damages to EagleView.

On Sept. 26, 2019, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey found Verisk and Xactware liable and sided with EagleView on every issue in question. EagleView states this decision verifies that its competitors engaged in a years-long attempt to illegally and unfairly compete by copying EagleView’s proprietary intellectual property (IP).

Launched in 2008, EagleView provides aerial imagery and data analytics, which has been adopted by roofing contractors to acquire roof measurement reports and waste calculation. In late 2015, EagleView filed a lawsuit against Verisk and Xactware, claiming they were infringing on patents covering key technologies.

“We understand that the ongoing litigation has been a distraction to our customers, and we thank them for standing beside us as we were forced to protect our IP and technology in court,” said Rishi Daga, CEO of EagleView, in a written statement. “Today’s decision allows us to continue serving all customers. We look forward to continuing to drive innovation via providing data analytics derived from aerial imagery and bringing impactful solutions and superior customer service to our clients across insurance, roofing, energy and government.”

The court also issued a temporary restraining order stopping, among other things, the defendants’ sale of products, including Property InSight, Roof InSight, Geomni Roof and Geomni Property, as well as the defendants’ sale or use of Aerial Sketch version 2. This order will be in effect until Oct. 8, 2019, when the court will hold a hearing on a permanent injunction.

The patents involved in this case were among the more than 200 patents in EagleView’s portfolio. Xactware and Verisk repeatedly took actions to prevent EagleView’s claims from reaching a jury trial, including attempting to invalidate certain claims in district courts and pursuing challenges to EagleView’s patents with the U.S. Patent Office. EagleView had 149 claims of its patented technology completely upheld after numerous appeals.

EagleView will contact affected customers to determine if the company can be of assistance. Affected customers may contact EagleView at