EagleView generated a lot of interest from roofing contractors and other industry professionals in attendance at the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo with the unveiling of its new Suggested Waste Factor calculation. 

The first-ever industry benchmark waste calculation, SWF will provide customers with an objective, third-party estimate how much material and labor are required to replace a roof. It will help contractors avoid excess costs and production delays, while assisting insurance companies in accurately paying claims and informing supplemental coverage discussions – effectively cutting out significant and costly processes in both industries, said Michael Park, chief product and marketing officer. 

"When roofs are damaged due to normal wear and tear or as the result of a storm, a “guesstimation game” begins in which contractors and insurance carriers try to determine exactly how much material and labor are required to replace a roof," Park explained on the EagleView website. "The calculation is often very subjective. Every contractor has a different approach and while it may work for them, it’s not consistent. Some apply standard waste percentages based on the complexity of a roof or the experience of a crew, while more inexperienced roofers pick a number and hope for the best."

The new Suggested Waste Factor calculation is now available in all residential 3D roof reports. These reports can be accessed from any desktop or from iOS or Android mobile devices. Plans for an enhanced visualizer will be announced in August. Visit www.eagleview.com for more.