National Women in Roofing recently introduced the newly created Woman of Outstanding Roofing Leadership Distinction (WORLD) award.

The organization said the WORLD award is going to be given out annually at National Women in Roofing Day.

The annual recipient will be “a woman who is a true champion for other women in the roofing industry, local community and family.”

“With each milestone NWIR checks off as complete, more and more women help carve the path forward towards breaking boundaries into what was once unknown territory,” the organization said in announcing the award.

“Our efforts to uphold the founding pillars of providing educational opportunities, community service, mentoring and networking have helped us to grow and become the successful organization that we are today,” the statement continued. “The recipient of the WORLD award should exhibit these pillars and lead by example with passion, strength and integrity.”

Nominations for the WORLD award can be submitted through Sept. 30 on the National Women in Roofing website at