OMG - BedardAGAWAM, Mass. — Brad Bedard has been promoted to vice president of supply chain management for OMG Inc.

As vice president, Bedard is responsible for overall management of the company’s global supply chain and distribution logistics. In this new role, Bedard will work with his organization to develop and implement short- and long-term strategies that maximize operational efficiencies, improve supply chain and distribution performance, and manage costs. He reports to Hubert McGovern, president and CEO.

Bedard has been with OMG since August of 2007, most recently as director of supply chain management. Earlier he had been the company’s director of distribution and sales inventory operations planning (SIOP), where he was instrumental in developing and implementing the company’s forecasting and operations planning process.

Prior to joining OMG, Bedard held various distribution and logistics roles for Bose Corp. and for Timex Corp. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Harvard University.