MONTROSE, Mich. — For those with burning questions foam insulation, a Michigan company says it is stepping up to answer the call.

RetroFoam of Michigan has launched a new YouTube series called Foam University.

Foam University is a weekly YouTube video series that will explore topics on the most asked questions about spray foam and injection foam insulation.

The host, Professor of Foam Eric Garcia, breaks down the answers in a way anyone can understand, according to the company.

Garcia brings to the show his knowledge in building science, training from the top spray foam and injection foam manufacturers, installation experience, and his knowledge of managing a foam insulation business.

The company said the new series will have something for every homeowner, contractor, and DIYer.

These classes are fun, straight-forward, and helpful as Garcia tackles a specific topic or question about foam insulation. Each class consists of a short 2- to 4-minute video.

For more, check out RetroFoam of Michigan's YouTube channel.