MONTROSE, Mich. — Choosing the right insulation for a new home is just as important as picking the flooring or cabinets, but it isn't always the first thing on the mind of homeowners.

RetroFoam of Michigan, a spray foam insulation contractor, created "The Ultimate Foam Insulation Buying Guide for New Build Homes" to help educate homeowners on this very important decision.

"Homeowners have fun picking out their flooring, cabinets, and other design elements for their new home but often don't think to consider the insulation they put in their crawl space, walls, or attic," said Mark Massey, Owner of RetroFoam of Michigan. "After it is installed they won't see the insulation, but it will have a major impact on their family's comfort and energy efficiency for years to come."

Important information covered in the guide includes:

  • The best option for insulating a new build home
  • Preventing air leakage with foam insulation
  • The kinds of spray foam insulation
  • Spray foam insulation installation process
  • Foam insulation total cost of ownership
  • How to meet building code

RetroFoam of Michigan offers "The Ultimate Foam Insulation Buying Guide for New Build Homes" as a free download on the company's website.

For more than 15 years, RetroFoam of Michigan has been insulating thousands of homes and pole barns across Michigan's lower peninsula with spray and injection foam insulation. The company has been recognized the past several years by Consumers Energy for its work to help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by making their homes more energy efficient.