The Roofing Alliance has issued a call to all roofing contractors to help make the Roofing Alliance Workforce Survey a success.

The alliance says data about the roofing industry overall is critical to the continued growth and health of the profession. Understanding even the basics of how many roofing contractors, laborers and roofing professionals work every day can fuel advocacy, funding and investment.

With that in mind, the Roofing Alliance said it funded a study through Arizona State University with the following goals:

  • Capture a detailed description of the roofing industry workforce, its stakeholders and the work that they do;
  • Gather employment and demographic information on the roofing workforce, including an understanding of its challenges, trends and emerging issues;
  • Strengthen the National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA) voice and role in Washington, D.C. by gathering important statistical data that can be shared with regulatory and federal agencies;
  • Serve as a member and industry resource by supplying key statistical data as a national association.  

To accomplish these goals, the Roofing Alliance said it needs participation by roofing contractors to capture the data and demographics that will help both the Roofing Alliance and NRCA put programs in place to attract the next generation of the roofing workforce. The participation of contractors is key to the successful gathering of the data and information needed for this important research.

The survey includes general questions about your company, and your current workforce. The survey takes approximately 7-8 minutes to complete.

To encourage participation, each person completing the survey will have a chance to win prizes including $50 Amazon gift cards (over 20 chances) and Max CN445R3 Superroofer Roofing Coil Nail Guns (3 chances).

All individual responses will be confidential and anonymous. Only industry averages will be published in the final report.  

The survey will close at the end of June. Raffle winners will be chosen in July. 

The survey can be found at