ASHEVILLE, N.C.North American Roofing announced that it will participate in the National Joint Powers Alliance(NJPA) through its premier construction program with ezIQC, which helps municipalities find sources for construction and repair, facilitating the competitive bid process on behalf of its members.

North American Roofing can now offer its services to the public sector with what are known as “job order contracts” or indefinite quantity construction contracts in which contractors bid based on a catalog of pre-priced tasks. The first phase of the rollout is for 14 states, with all 50 states included by the end of the year.

For many municipalities, cooperative purchasing has long been used to lower costs for office supplies such as paper, staples and paper clips. The ezIQC construction procurement system has been in place for state governments, school systems and other public sector entities for more than twenty years, according to the company’s website and The Gordian Group, who administers the system. It brings that same power of group buying and helps shed the red tape of traditional procurement for often high-priced, on-call facility repair and construction.

NJPA is a public agency and member-driven service cooperative that serves more than 50,000 members, according to its company information. NJPA offers a multitude of contracted products, equipment and service opportunities to education, government and non-profit entities.

“North American Roofing is a great addition to NJPA/ezIQC. Their experience and longevity in the marketplace, awards for quality and workmanship and prominence in the industry — coupled with the full range of vendors they bring with them — can go a long way toward streamlining the procurement process for municipalities on tight budgets and timelines,” said Clint Owings, national program manager of The Gordian Group.

“Much like food cooperatives that most people know of, NJPA works in the same way, establishing business and service alliances between member ‘buyers’ and contracted ‘suppliers’ through competitively bid contracts,” said Brian Verble, president and CEO of North American Roofing.

Communities benefit in many ways. The projects are started and completed faster, and the cost of the projects is already within the scope of the budget, since NJPA and ezIQC have already vetted the competitive bid process.

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