DENVER — Real Goods Solar Inc. said Wednesday that the California Energy Commission has approved the selling of its 3.0 solar shingle system in California.

Real Goods Solar does business as RGS Energy.

The company’s solar shingles are sold under the name “Powerhouse.”

“The California Energy Commission stamp of approval allows us to sell Powerhouse in California, the nation’s largest solar market,” said Dennis Lacey, RGS Energy’s CEO. “We see Powerhouse as having the best combination of aesthetics and value for homeowners, roofers and new homebuilders looking to comply with California’s new mandate that requires almost all new homes under three stories be equipped with solar power beginning next year.”

Roofing Contractor has previously covered California’s solar mandate and its potential impact on the industry.

RGS recently announced it has taken its first purchase order and partnered with a lender to work with roofing contractors interested in selling the solar shingles.