DALLAS — Understanding the need for more free, user-friendly tools for contractors, field service software provider, FieldPulse, has announced a free estimate and invoicing app called SimplySend.

The app stands alone from FieldPulse’s full field service platform, allowing contractors to quickly create digital estimates and invoices while in the field or in the office, alongside complete team access.

Other features include free digital signatures, cost and profit tracking, and a management tab to ensure swift invoice follow-ups and centralized organization. SimplySend users can also securely accept payments in the field and online using FieldPulse’s integrated payment platform.

The company says a large differentiation between SimplySend and other free invoicing and estimate apps is that SimplySend offers an upgrade solution. If users wish to branch out and adopt more features by upgrading to FieldPulse, they won’t lose data, be forced to retrain their teams, or start over in any way.

“In our daily conversations with contractors across the country, we are finding that many small businesses and those who are still using pen and paper are seeking stand alone digital invoicing  tools before diving into more robust software solutions,” said Gabriel Pinchev, CEO of FieldPulse. “SimplySend is a great and user-friendly tool for small operations and contractors to send invoices and estimates right in the field directly from their tablet or app.”

In a 2015 survey from SoftwareAdvice it was found that over 52 percent of construction companies surveyed were still using pen and paper for estimates, invoicing, and other essential business documentation. The survey also showed 32 percent rely solely on spreadsheets.

Along with construction companies, numerous other trades are still relying on pen, paper, and spreadsheets to manage their companies and are in dire need of more digital and efficient solutions. FieldPulse’s SimplySend offers a free tool for digital estimates and invoicing, which opens the door to other online and cloud-based features down-the-road.

SimplySend will serve as a free complimentary app to FieldPulse’s more robust field service platform. FieldPulse serves as a digital hub for contractors allowing them to manage their entire business through a single web and mobile application. FieldPulse’s core value centers around helping contractors go digital by combining customer management (CRM), estimates and invoicing, digital signatures and payments, scheduling and dispatching, GPS tracking, timesheets, and more. The goal is to support contractors who only need the invoicing and estimate features, and allow them a simple upgrade path when they decide they need FieldPulse’s full service suite.

Learn more at fieldpulse.com.