BRYAN, Ohio — Trufast recently launched its new website platform.

Since 1981, Trufast has been manufacturing quality commercial roofing fasteners for low slope roofing systems.

Focused on developing innovative fastening solutions, Trufast was the first to produce self-drilling and tapping screws for all gauges of steel roof decks, an industry standard for ease of installation; the first to offer stainless steel commercial roofing fasteners; the first to provide-coated polymer painted products for improved corrosion resistance for the commercial roofing industry; and the first to pre-assemble screws & plates and offer standup tools that improved installed costs and job ergonomics.

The company’s improved website provides an easy-to-use resource to access product information quickly in a mobile-friendly environment. Users can find the most current technical information and a robust library of product documentation within two clicks from the home page.

“When developing the new website, we really focused on our customers’ needs,” said Trufast Marketing Manager Kara Roth. “Trufast is known for its continued focus on the customer experience and we were committed in developing a website with that same focus.”

In addition to an enhanced website, Trufast can now be found online on social channels Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with the handle @TrufastUSA.

Followers of Trufast’s social channels will have access to installation videos, product promotions and other company news and events. The latest Trufast information will be found on their social channels.

Trufast is a division of Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S. Inc.