LOS ANGELES — Western Colloid has released a new product intended to aid in the application of fluid applied roof systems in unexpected damp, wet, or rainy weather. 

The product is ElastaHyde QS.

ElastaHyde 720 and 790 are available in a “Quick Set” formulation, which aids in the application of ElastaHyde when damp, wet, or rainy weather is expected. The formulation allows ElastaHyde to dry quickly when these weather conditions approach. 

ElastaHyde QS will set up rapidly, within 15-20 minutes, and resist moisture in the form of dew, fog, or even heavy rain. Once set up, it will not wash off or dilute. By quick setting the product, it becomes very firm and stable, but it still needs to completely dry and must be allowed to cure as normal.

For over 40 years, Western Colloid has been recognized in the roofing industry as a leader in FARR - Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing, Reflective Coating Systems. Headquartered in southern California, with five other manufacturing plants and distribution centers, they provide products to contractors and building owners across the U.S.   More information may be obtained at www.WesternColloid.com