Lyons Roofing is taking its marketing message to new heights in the greater Phoenix area, literally.

The 25-year-old predominantly residential roofing company, which ranked #94 On RC’s 2017 Top 100 Roofing Contractors List, is the new sponsor of The Chopper Guy – Phoenix’s local news helicopter piloted by Bruce Haffner. He provides aerial news coverage for the greater Phoenix area multiple times a day with live reports, traffic updates and detour information.

The sponsorship includes a full advertising wrap of the helicopter with the Lyons Roofing name and logo. Haffner also wore a shirt and hat with the Lyons Roofing logo on daily live broadcasts that began May 1.

Haffner, a 15-time Emmy-award winning photojournalist and newscaster, has served the Phoenix community for more than two decades and built a stellar reputation at KTVK Channel 3 and KPHO Channel 5. Lyons Executive Vice President Rhonda LaNue said he sought out the roofing company after his previous sponsorship deal ended earlier this year.

“With his reputation he really wanted to be discerning on who his sponsor was,” LaNue said. “He did his due diligence and scoured the airwaves about us and reached out. “We are very excited about this and hoping to use this to our benefit as much as possible with attracting the best employees as well as customers.” 

The opportunity is just as much a reflection of Lyons’ good reputation, and the 90 employees that have helped build and maintain it.

“We are proud of each and every one of our employees that delight our customers in such a way to allow Bruce the confidence in us to put his name on our business,” said Ann Pepper, vice president of sales and production.

LaNue said the helicopter will be able to take roof shots for Lyons, but no aerial measurements.