GreenMantra Technologies, a  clean technology company that produces high-value polymer products from waste plastics, is introducing new applications for its Ceranovus polymer additives within waterproofing and underlayment roofing applications. The company will highlight the uses and benefits in these new applications at the International Roofing Exposition, Booth #2556, Feb. 6-8 in New Orleans.

Laboratory and field testing demonstrates that the Ceranovus additives can help manufacturers of waterproofing and underlayment materials improve product performance and reduce manufacturing costs. The polypropylene- and polyethylene- based additives can also be custom-formulated to meet specific requirements.

Ceranovus polymer additives improve end-product performance by:

  • increasing adhesion to plywood decking by up to two times more than standard peel-and-stick materials.
  • increasing the softening point for stability at high temperatures, while maintaining flexibility and performance in cold temperatures.
  • decreasing penetration by 10-15 percent for reduced deformation.

In addition, the additives can help lower formulation viscosity by up to 65 percent, enabling manufacturers to reduce their production costs. A less viscous formulation flows more freely, enabling better penetration of the fiberglass substrate mat, faster line speeds, and reduced energy costs. Lower viscosity also offers greater flexibility in formulations, allowing increased use of filler materials.

With these additives, manufacturers can enhance the environmental profile of their finished products. Because Ceranovus polymer additives are made from 100 percent recycled plastics with third party certification for recycled content, end products which incorporate them may qualify for environmental and green building industry certification such as the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED credits.