ORLANDO -- TAMKO Building Products, Inc. launched a new website, TAMKOWaterproofing.com, to provide contractors with quick, easy access to essential product information. From below-grade to above-grade, TAMKOWaterproofing.com is a comprehensive resource dedicated to water control products.

TAMKO’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Stephen McNally, said, “Contractors trust TAMKO with water control because we’re backed by over 70 years of building product experience. With that trust in mind, we customized the experience they have when looking for our products online. Now, they can go directly to those products at TAMKOWaterproofing.com.”

TAMKOWaterproofing.com is optimized for a smooth viewing experience across popular search engines and devices, including smart phones and tablets. The site is easy to navigate with links to application instructions, data sheets, marketing literature and technical specifications.

“TAMKO continues to raise the standard in waterproofing to help contractors succeed,” said Erik Flick, TAMKO’s corporate director of waterproofing. “At TAMKO, we understand that waterproofing products are crucial to a building’s integrity and TAMKOWaterproofing.com is a testament to the company’s commitment to waterproofing contractors.”

To learn more about TAMKO’s waterproofing products, go to TAMKOWaterproofing.com