ORLANDO, Fla. –  Coming soon, TAMKO Building Products, Inc. will proudly unveil an enhanced company website at www.TAMKO.com. The new site will feature a cleaner design with a more engaging consumer experience, and quick, easy access to visualization tools, product photos and useful information. 

TAMKO’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Stephen McNally, said, “Our completely enhanced website truly benefits homeowners through its improved functionality and enriched content. The site’s refreshed and simplified look highlights the beauty of our products and showcases our offerings in a way that you haven’t seen before.”

The new website design accentuates product charm and appeal for homeowners with features that enable them to choose roofing shingles by color or style and easily locate a TAMKO Pro roofing contractor.
One of the most useful new features will be the optimization for mobile devices providing adaptability across all platforms for increased consumer interaction and full engagement with the ability to share items across multiple social media channels. The site also includes a space for Team TAMKO, which is dedicated to professionals and builders and contains access to a wealth of business building tools.
“The new TAMKO.com will be more user-friendly, providing easy-to-find essential information for consumers viewing our products. We look forward to giving visitors to the site an improved online experience,” said McNally.

The enhanced version of the website will go live in the first quarter of 2017 with an exact date to be announced.

The company has also recently enhanced all of its roofing marketing material. The refreshed pieces include new product photos, samples and revised product literature, portions of which will be available on the company’s newly designed website.

The new marketing material provides a fresh perspective, representing TAMKO’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. McNally, said, “The expressive new material presents attention to the styles and variety of available color options for TAMKO’s roofing products with an appeal to the consumer side of the industry.”
TAMKO’s newly enhanced marketing materials feature lifestyle photography to highlight the interaction and benefits that homeowners may experience with TAMKO roofing products. Additionally, they provide TAMKO’s sales team with essential material for engaging with customers.

“These improved selling tools are strong assets that reveal the true beauty of our roofing products with the extra benefit of adding to the support of our sales efforts,” said McNally.