Dataforma now provides GPS tracking strong enough to match up against the stand-alone GPS systems. It’s as simple as having your foreman log into the Dataforma mobile app on their phone or tablet and from there the Dataforma GPS Tracker will effectively be able to log and plot the routes they’ve taken to job sites and provide you with accurate documentation of arrival and departure times. Directly through the Work Orders module in Dataforma, service managers will be able to click on the “GPS” link and immediately review the daily routes taken by their crews and compare time spent on site with what their crews have documented in the field. Having the ability to reference your crew’s actual work time will allow for accurate billing and will further develop trust with your customers, ensuring they look only to you in their times of need.

In times where urgent dispatch of a crew is needed, the Dataforma GPS Tracker will allow you to Immediately locate your crews to ensure the closest crew can be dispatched. With the addition of the GPS tracker module, Dataforma is continuing to make great strides to bring all your software into a single system.  

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