Novagard Solutions®, a manufacturer of premium silicone sealants and adhesives, recently introduced NovaUltra Adhesive Sealant to their premium silicone adhesive and sealant product offering.  This newest silicone product has a higher tensile strength, higher elongation and superior adhesion properties perfect for use in challenging installation applications. 

NovaUltra Adhesive Sealant is a neutral cure silicone sealant that offers superior adhesion and flexibility, and is water-resistant and UV resistant.

NovaUltra’s formulation allows the sealant to stay flexible and is resilient to shrinking and cracking and adheres to many different materials including concrete, metals, vinyls and other common window and door substrates.  

The sealant applies well in temperatures ranging from -20° F - 120°F, all while maintaining joint movement capability of +/- 50 percent, making it ideal for window and door fenestration and similar applications.  The cured sealant is UV and mildew resistant, and is tack free in 5-10 minutes and is completely cured in up to 24 hours, depending on humidity and temperature.  The high tensile strength of 200-400 psi along with the deep section cure is ideal for high impact installations.  

NovaUltra Adhesive Sealant is a one part silicone sealant that can be utilized in window fenestration for impact resistant systems, such as Miami Dade processes.    

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