CANTON, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment Group has launched a new material section of their website. Offering a complete line of spray foam, coating, and other polyurethane material — customers now have access from 0.5 lb. to 3.0 lb. material alongside their equipment needs, mobile rig build-outs, and training.

SprayWorks vetted the top material manufacturers in the United States and has selected the best material offerings from; Rhino Linings, Gaco Western, Wasser Coatings, and Green Insulation. Material ranges from roofing systems, Polyurea coatings, along with residential and commercial insulation - both open cell and closed cell.

“We wanted to make the equipment buying process seamless for our customers,” said John Davidson, vice president of operations “And to do that, it only made sense for us to offer a full line of material both on our website and in our warehouse.”

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