KENT, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment is launching its Roofing School to help business owners and their employees learn how to repair a commercial roof with polyurethane and polyurea materials.

The new Roofing School is run by expert trainer, Dave Penta, vice president of sales, SprayWorks Equipment Group, who has over 35 years of roofing experience. Penta has been training students how to use plural component equipment and applying spray foam through SprayWorks’ Spray Foam School for the last 14 years.

“There’s a big gap in our industry for properly teaching business owners and employees how to properly manage and complete a commercial roofing project,” says Penta, vice president of sales, SprayWorks Equipment Group. “Our two-day Roofing School is the perfect opportunity for us to support applicators with the transition to owning their own business or introduce foamers to the commercial roofing industry.”

The two-day Roofing School training will cover estimating, safety, identifying repair needs, preparing the substrate, operating equipment, and applying material. This two-day training also gives students the opportunity to apply material in a mock roofing environment, leaving them better prepared to apply material on a live job site.

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